Jim Lunay founded JCL Equipment Co., Inc in September 1991 after a long family history in the
paint striping business. His grandfather, Paul Creswell, invented the first mechanized striping ma-
chine in 1938. Paul was vacationing with his family in Florida when he noticed a chain gang paint-
ing stripes on the road with brushes and boards. He thought to himself that there must be a better
way – and he was right!

Jim's father, Harold "Ponch" Lunay, continued the business after Paul’s death in 1960. He helped to
produce the premier striping machines in the country for more than 30 years.

Jim Lunay owned his first walk-behind striper at the age of 14, and was a striping contractor for 15
years in Ohio, New England and Australia. His was definitely a case of having traffic paint in his

When JCL Equipment Co Inc was established, Jim concentrated on providing quality components
for all brands of striping machines at reasonable prices. In 1992, he expanded into the production
of his own line of walk-behind striping machines for parking lots. Now more than 14 years later,
JCL proudly offers a full line of quality striping equipment - from the smallest parking lot machine
to the largest highway truck striper on the market. JCL offers quality service to every
customer, from the one-man parking lot striper, to the largest state transportation department.

JCL Equipment focuses on building user-friendly equipment built to withstand the harsh working
conditions that exist in the road striping environment. Our technicians have spent many hours
striping on the back of a truck, so they know what works and what does not. This knowledge is
applied to the design and construction of our trucks. JCL aims to provide the user with a striper
that meets their needs precisely.

Call us today and put JCL and our equipment to the test - you won’t be disappointed!

Dayton Daily News Article