Air curtains for sharper edged lines
  Double 5 or 7 gallon tanks
  Glass bead dispensers available, in either
    4 or 6, single or double
  Handgun with 15  hose (extensions available)
  Curb painting attachment
  Belt guard


   Parking lots


Heavy duty frame each individually hand-made for long life, designed to take the weight off of the
operator and to ensure years of straight tracking.

  Honda 5.5 HP motor, with oil alert
  Cast iron compressor 13.2 cfm
  7 gallon pressure vessel (also available in 12 gallon, or in stainless steel)
  Extra wide rear tires, with a spring-loaded rear axle
  Pressure cleaning system
  All brass gauges, with glass faces to ease removal of spilled paint
  All brass regulators
  All American-made ball valves and plumbing (also available in stainless steel)
  Heavy duty trigger mounted on handlebar
  Line guns choice of:
      Diaphragm gun (best for oil-based paints)
      Non-bleeder gun (best for latex paints)
      GTB gun non-bleeder with flushable tip 

  Double gun option available with choices 2 and 3 above comes with 16 cfm compressor

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Parts List

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HRL-1-PL5-Cleaner Can


   Parking lots


   Common traffic paints


We are an authorized Graco distributor. We also sell replacement parts, and repair and rebuild all Graco
stripers, guns and pumps. Please contact us today for a competitive quote we are rarely beaten on
our prices!!

LineLazer 3400
The NEW LineLazer 3400 offers professional performance in a one-gun machine.
Features and Benefits

  Operator controls are located right at the handle bars fine-tune the striper's operation without
    stopping production! Honda 5.5 HP motor, with oil alert
  New swivel front wheel makes striping up to the curb easier. Stripe arcs and curves with ease.
  Redesigned handle bars are more natural and comfortable to use, and allow better striper control.
  New electronic pressure control improves line quality.
  New Chromex pump rod is built for the most demanding striping applications.


   Parking Lots


   Common traffic paints
   Architectural coatings
   Waterborne traffic paints
   Low-VOC traffic paints
   Rubberized traffic paints


The NEW LineLazer IV 200HS includes an all-new high-capacity cooling system, along with all of the
industry-changing LineLazer IV features.

LineLazer IV 200HS
Features and Benefits

  High-capacity cooling system features a 20% larger hydraulic fluid reservoir to keep the system
    running cool.
  Innovative cooling fins wrap down and under the reservoir.
  New cooling fan design delivers nearly 70% more air flow to the hydraulic pump.
  Improved belt alignment for longer belt life.
  New auto-tensioning spring is center-mounted for consistent, smooth operation.


   Parking Lots
   Roads and Streets


   Common traffic paints
   Architectural coatings
   Waterborne traffic paints
   Low VOC traffic paints
   Rubberized traffic paints


The NEW LineLazer IV 3900 and 5900 are engineered to deliver the most precise and consistent lines in
the industry.

LineLazer IV 3900 and 5900
Features and Benefits

  New Advanced Vibration Reduction System eliminates engine vibration for improved line quality.
  New rear gun mount allows placing the guns near the rear axle for straighter long lines and
    smoother curved lines.
  Lightweight gun holder minimizes gun movement caused by rough pavement.
  New Chromex pump rod is built for the most demanding applications.
  New flow-through Easy Out filter comes out with the cap for convenient, mess-free access.


The LineDriver, a self-propelled attachment, reduces fatigue as well as increases productivity
dramatically! The LineDriver attaches to both the HRL-1 and the LineLazer, to make more money for
your bottom line. If you have a HRL-1 you have purchased previously, we can retrofit it to accept the
LineDriver. It works like a charm!

Line Driver

Call us today to arrange a demonstration you will never walk a parking lot again after trying this!